Monday, June 27, 2011

Its been an eventful month....hubby had emergency surgery, went to Orlando Fandango, flew to MO to visit the grandkids and then my dad in the working 5 days a week and still found a little time to create!  Haven't had much time since returning to finish anything I started at Fandango, but here's some items still in progress:

 My still unfinished pond and tree from Christie Frisen's class,

my finally finished and strung badge....thanks so much Penni Jo for tying the knots!

 And my wonderful story bead are awesome and I am so inspired! 

so so inspired that I decided to carve my very own face, using your tutorial as a guide, here is what I came up daughter challenge me to do something feminine:  This is translucent clay with alcohol inks...I really wasn't trying to make it so dark, but in real life, it turned out to look very good with sort of an eerie quality.  I think I just like the exotic look.

the time at Fandango was so much fun....I was working all the time and forgot to take I was leaving, I saw this awesome tree...if you were there, you saw it also and these are the only pics I took this year:

Of course, last but not least, my trip to MO was awesome!!  Grandkids were awesome!! Food was awesome!!  Family and friends awesome!!

We all made lizards!

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