Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just in Case you were wondering....

Where did I get the name "treesea". I have always loved the sea...crashing waves, sand, nightbreezes, gulls, sunsets, margaritas....and I am very partial to the forests also...greens and browns, smell of wet leaves, chirping birds, scuttling sound of critters, fairys, elves, dew.

But that's not where the name comes from. My real name is Patrice...but my mom always called me "tricee" (pronounced tree-sea) so...there you go. Mom actually got me started making jewelry. It was a great passtime of hers and when she was no longer able to make lots of things, she started giving away all her beads etc. Well, I took some of them, but never made a thing. Then one day I wanted a lanyard to hold my badge that would match something I was wearing (I'm a hospice nurse). I decided it didn't look to hard to do so I made one. That day at work, a co-worker saw it and like that... where can I get one. I said "I guess I could make you one".....and there it started....that was about 3 years ago and I have been making jewelry ever since. Yes...I am a newbie! To jewelry and to clay!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Say hello to Emily

After living almost 1000 miles from my daughter for most of her grown up life, she has come home to roost. She recently graduated from college (University of Kentucky) and wanted to spread her wings, or maybe just get out of Dodge for a while, so she came to Florida!
Ed is enjoying having her here...and I am thrilled. It's a great time for both of us.
Emily is a fiber artist and mixed media artist...I hope I'm saying that right. The photo here is
some her art. Some of it has sold already and some is in a gallery show in Kentucky.
Recently, I've been cultivating my creative side, by dabbling in polymer clay. So this is a special time for both of us. We have a little studio in our spare bedroom and it gets very messy...but that's what happens when two creative people spread out! Watch for pictures of other things she has done, and check out her blog as well.

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