Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Having Too Much Fun

Here is my weekend.....started at 530pm Friday...Zentangle A AFA....I've not only been drawing constantly since Friday evening, but we got new furniture, put it all together ( MY HUBBY IS THE BEST!!!) even though no screws came in the box...he managed to make it work! It's a CoolAir bed and it feels great! Then, there was laundry, cleaning up the mess from changing out the bedroom, MORE DRAWING....and then filling the pool then taking the water to Pinch a Penny to have it tested and then MORE DRAWING.....hey....oh...there was a dinner date with that wonderful man....BEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!....stoli raspberry, with soda water and lime, steak, scallops and then there was the new BED! Oh...I digress.......more DRAWING!

Here are just a few of my cards this weekend: trading was hectic and crazy, but lots of fun.

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