Friday, March 26, 2010

Orlando Fandango and Poor Rita Update!

My poor poor little Rita is in the car hospital for who knows how long...and she was so young...I only had her 3 months and today she was rear ended by someone....he was a really nice apologetic for ruining my day......but just a little pushy....and wasn't watching where he was going and then !!!!KABOOM!!!! we collided. Rita will most likely repair quite nicely. My "older" body needs massage, muscle relaxers and a COCKTAIL!!!

I ended up taking the day takes a long time to take care of all that business and I had to get a rental car....and then I had to talk on the phone a lot to insurance people. I will be back on the road to work by Monday, I'm sure. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the sunshine and a little more down time to post on my artistic adventures.

I just got back from the Orlando Fandango...a retreat with 75 other polymer artists. It was soooo much fun. Here are a few tidbits of what I made....but the learning was much much more! I was really inspired by Christie Friesen, loved learning about the colors with Julie Picarello and thoroughly enjoyed the one on one time with Sarah Shriver as we drove back to the area from Orlando guys are great!!!

This week I went to see a new patient at his home (I'm a hospice nurse). As I was leaving I saw all this artwork on the wall. I asked whose it was and met a wonderful very young (high school, I believe) fiber artist. She had some friends there with her and I got to tell them about working with polymer clay...they hadn't even heard of it! Well that was exciting.

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